School Kidz USA

Holiday Gift Shop

Prestige Fund Raising presents a unique concept in Holiday Gift Shopping. With 30 years of experience, Prestige offers hundreds of high quality items to satisfy the shopping needs of your students.

Visit our new showroom to view our 2018 "Holiday Gift Shop" and see for yourself! Our friendly knowledgeable staff is looking forward to presenting our merchandise and explaining our new "Have It Your Way".....pick the items you want!

We Offer:

  • Hassle Free Program available... 80% less work (no inventorying), 20% profit guaranteed.
  • No items over $8.00, with 80% of the items $3.00 and under.
  • 100% Risk Free! All merchandise is on consignment.
  • All items are Price Coded to ensure a quick and easy checkout.
  • Convenience! Free delivery and pick-up, budget envelopes, bags, shopping baskets, tablecloths and superior customer service.
  • Reorders delivered.
  • Computerized Paperwork
  • Cash Registers Available